Finding the Pieces to Succeed!

November 7, 2023

In today’s complex business world, commercial asset and property management is comparable to solving intricate puzzles. Both disciplines involve piecing together various elements, strategizing for optimal outcomes, and achieving a harmonious balance. Just as a puzzle is composed of various interlocking pieces, commercial asset and property management requires dealing with a multitude of intricate components such as leasing, lease administration, tenant relations, accounting, maintenance, financing, and capital improvements. These components need to be arranged cohesively just a puzzle pieces do. Effective implementation and management of these various components is vital to a successful investment and facility.

What does Property Management mean? To some, property management means handling maintenance and repair issues, collecting rent, and responding to tenant complaints. To Jordan Trotter, property management means so much more. Our Asset and Property Management team successfully oversees the challenges faced by managing a diverse portfolio of office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, large land tracts, and medical office facilities.

Obstacles are inevitable in both puzzles and property management and the ability to tackle challenges head-on is a requirement our team can handle! Promptly addressing maintenance issues and tenant concerns to keep tenants operating at all times is core to the management team. Creative thinking and adaptability are essential to overcoming hurdles effectively.

The Jordan Trotter Asset Management team handles tenant relations, rent collection, accounting and budgeting, building operations, tenant buildouts, refurbishment and modernization projects, vendor bidding and oversight, marketing, and brokerage services. We take care of all of the day to day headaches of running a building so owners can focus on their priorities.

Just as puzzle pieces interlock seamlessly, effective property management programs need close collaboration between owners, tenants, vendors, and lenders. Effective communication and coordination are key! Close management of expenses, annual budgeting, and modernization projects to reduce ongoing expenses are equally as important as maximizing the revenue side with rent and occupancy growth. We treat the tenants like customers and provide them with great service and appreciation of their financial commitments as as just one of the ingredients to a successful managment program. Tenant retention and satisfaction are huge contributors to the long-term stability of investment real estate!

The parallels between effective property management and the art of solving puzzles underscore the intricate, detailed nature of thes professions. Both involve assembling and overseeing multifaceted elements, envisioning the bigger picture, tackling challenges quickly, exercising precision, fostering collaboration, adapting to complexities.

Let the Jordan Trotter Asset Management team help you with maximizing the long term health of your investment!