Health & Wellness

November 27, 2023

Jordan Trotter welcomes Retreat Wellness Concierge to West Augusta. Their location will be at 825 Russell Street. It is situated between the Augusta University Summerville Campus the downtown hospital district near the start of the commercial development along Walton Way. This corridor makes a great transitional site from residential to commercial.

Co-owner Meredith Wills says the idea of Retreat Wellness Concierge came about as she worked as an anesthesiologist in the community. Meredith noticed an increasing need for alternative approaches to overall health and wellness; most specifically in the areas of chronic disease and chronic pain. The goal of Retreat is to help patrons increase their quality of life through using alternative therapies that are still based on current medical and scientific evidence. Retreat Wellness Concierge will offer cold plunge therapy, acupuncture, heat therapy and IV infusions. Meredith Wills says, “we absolutely love the Russell Street location and the potential of the neighborhood in which it resides. We are so excited to be part of the reinvigoration of the Walton Way corridor. More importantly, I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to help my community and my neighbors live their best lives!”

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