September 5, 2023

In the world of business, location is often touted as one of the most critical factors for success. While being in the heart of a bustling city center has its perks, suburban office areas that are “off the beaten path” locations hold a valuable place in the overall office market. These areas may not have large traffic counts driving by the front doors, but do have convenient access to major arterial roads and can be closer to employee and customer residences. Would this make a good fit for your business?

An office space tucked away in a less congested area can provide an environment for your team and your clientele, but also maintain proximity to nearby amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and major roads.

If your business relies on a clientele that lives in a particular area of the CSRA and has frequent visits from those clients, suburban office suites correctly located can be a great advantage to your operation and add to your clients’ overall satisfaction if your office location is easy to find and has easy ingress and egress. Frequently these office environments have parking available adjacent to the front doors that can be reserved for your clients.

Suburban medical office space has also proven to be very successful when these suites are co-located with other compatible physician offices and hospitals. These areas can create a great environment for patients looking for easy access to their provider and a shorter trip from their home and create a referral and networking source between physician offices.

Office suites in more urban, downtown areas also have many benefits as well but offer a much different experience for the owner, employees, and clients that can be great assets for other types of office users which we will detail in an upcoming journal!

The Covid pandemic has certainly changed the way we look at office location, size, and functionality, but there is still a need for it as we evolve into more functional spaces! Working from home all day just isn’t a one size fits all solution!